They ARE Listening

By Morgan Johnson Morgankids

When your matter of fact daughter is taking what she learns to heart. We went to the park, and she started climbing something big. While she was climbing, I didn’t want her to go any further because I didn’t want to climb up to get her or for her to fall. I simply told her that and said, “We can come back with Daddy and you can do it!” She says, “But Mommy, Jesus lives in my heart and is watching over me. He will help me and not let me fall.” (I also believe she mumbled something about the Holy Spirit…) I giggled and probably looked like a deer in head lights…I said, “You’re right, but come down and do it with daddy 😂😂😂

There is lots of life and spiritual lessons there. 😳 ‪#‎childlikefaith‬… She is listening… ☺🙌 Lord, help me!