Love Covers ALL Transgressions

By: Taylor Johnson
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I was having coffee with one of my best friends, also a newlywed, and she was telling me how she struggles with keeping a mental list of all the little things her husband does wrong. And then one small thing will set her off because the list she is keeping in her head. When she was telling me this I responded, “I can relate to doing that!
Then this morning, I read 1 Corinthians 14:5 which says that love “…keeps no record of wrongs” and I stopped in my tracks.
I think keeping a tally of mistakes is something that many wives struggle with, and we need to realize that the Lord addressed this specifically in the Word. He knew it was in our nature to keep track of all the wrongs or mistakes of our husbands and loved ones, but that is not a representation of the unconditional love the Father has for us! When we ask for forgiveness, the Lord forgets our sins. He forgets them completely! If God, who is absolutely perfect in every way, will forget our sins, who are we to keep track of the sins or mistakes of our husbands? 1 Peter 4:8 “Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.”

As you celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved ones this weekend, remember to love, forgive, and forget as Christ does for each and everyone one us.


By: Sandra Dilley Sandra Dilley

Having been a successful sales, marketing and business development Executive for many years now I realize that “relationship strategy” and implementation has been a key to my success.

Do you know that GOD is a relationship God? He is LOVE. It’s not about religion, doctrine or legalistic habits that make us “Christians”. It is meeting, growing and learning who HE (God,Christ the Son and The Holy Spirit) is and cultivating a lifelong relationship with Him.

He is and can be your Savior, Father, Friend, Lover, Provider, Comforter, Healer, Protector, Deliverer,Counselor…Your Everything. He is Alpha, Omega the beginning and the end. Know Him better today! Selah Amen

Happy New Year

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful new year. Use this time to reflect on the blessings God has bestowed on you and look forward to the wonderful gifts and ways you can share Him with others in 2015.

Happy New Year

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Wind Chasers

By: Kathy BroskaKathy Broska photo

I was loading my grocieres in the car last week, and then it happened: A gust of wind grabbed the receipt that was resting on the top of my bag and lofted it into the air. Now, as a girl who started her own “Pollution Solutions” club in grade school, I make a point to pick up my litter. So I began pursuit of the airborne receipt, hoping that any onlookers would be supportive rather than amused. And desperately hoping I would not see myself on YouTube a few hours later as the crazy lady chasing a piece of paper across the parking lot.

Thankfully, I only had to run a few yards before I was able to step on the receipt and catch it. And even more thankfully, the Lord used that moment to remind me of one of my favorite scriptures — Ecclesiasties 4:6… a scripture that has become foundational for all kinds of decisions in my life: Better one handful with tranquility than two and chasing after the wind.

When it comes to how we do life these days, I think– as a gneral rule– we have become a culture of wind chasers. Professionally. Parentally. Socially. You name it. Instead of being content with one handful, we look for more. Different. Better. We say “yes” to too many things. We put our faith in the wrong things. And we pursue perfection at the expense of our whole person.

As my pastor often says, “there is no ‘there’ there.” In other words, we chase all kinds of achievements and experiences and ideals thinking that once we get “there”, life will be better and we will be happier. But we soon find out that the happiness of “there’ is only temporary, and we start pursuing some other achievement or experiences or ideal in pursuit of more temporary happiness. Then we wonder why we’re stressed out, burned out and still unsatisfied–as we walk around with two handfuls, often giving up the things that truly matter for the things that don’t.

Friends, what wind are you chasing.. and when all is said and done, will it really satisfy the deepest longings of your soul? What is wrong with having only one handful?

In pursuit of the narrow path, cultivating contentment is an absolute necessity. I believe it’s only a huge step in saying “no” to stress and striving, and “yes” to God’s best for our lives–  only He can truly satisfy the hole in our souls.

Oh, what true happiness would be possible if we just stopping chasing the wind and learned to enjoy the breeze! Why not start today– your big life is waiting!

The Truth about Ghosts

By Morgan JohnsonMorgankids
My heart is stirring today…for tomorrow. The month of October has really started to get to me, and I just can’t stay silent any longer.As I begin to teach my daughter about harvest time and as a church we are about to have a harvest party. This month has been a challenging one as far as turning on the TV goes, and really going any where in public.

Recently, I watched a couple different youtube videos with Carol Kornacki and another one “why christians shouldn’t celebrate halloween”. And I would say that it really started speaking to me. When I was a kid, I was raised that halloween we didn’t celebrate halloween, but I usually would dress up and at time trick or treat. We did take alternatives at church at times too. However, most of the time I think that we teach are kids that ghosts and witches and goblins and skeletons aren’t real. And I even caught myself trying to find the remote quick enough to change the channel when minnie mouse was dressed as a witch, “witches aren’t real honey…actually they are, but we won’t quite go into all that right now.” Yikes, this is going to be an open ended conversation for a while, but my heart is burning that my children know TRUTH…because the TRUTH will set them free.

I feel like as parents we have the responsibility to protect our children from opening themselves up to the very dark parts of this world. So I guess what I am getting at, Christians, is that we NEED to… HAVE to be teaching our children how to be LIGHT. They can’t think that this holiday is a holiday to be celebrated. Great for alternatives, but the alternative isn’t to keep the tradition of the holiday alive – its to absolutely forsake the evil traditions and begin celebrations of bringing LIGHT. This very holiday is to celebrate satan. Plain and simple. And heartbreaking enough…it is second to Christmas in revenue.

Some great excuses that I once bought into myself , they go trick-or-treating to get candy – there is plenty of candy at plenty of stores…I’d be glad to give your children some they want to dress up and be with their friends – great play dress up any time any where, and be something totally innocent 

My goal for our church harvest party is that only good will come out of it. The gospel of Jesus will be told, celebrated, and we will have a blast doing so. I cringe when I drive by a church with ghosts hanging from their trees. I highly recommend the book the pumpkin parable for any parents out there. I love the significance of carving the pumpkin getting the yucky things out and putting God’s light in us for the world to see…I’m sure I could go on, BUT you get the point. I just had to share my heart with the world, and I’m okay if you agree or disagree. Just make it a true matter of prayer and do a little research.